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New Journal

This is my new journal. Because my god damn ex-girlfriend is a fucking stalker. Well I would link the two but that would be dumb. I talked to this girl today, that I really didnt know. I have never really just had a need to do that. She was different. I dont know. Who cares. Today I had a chat with my mother. Same old shit like always. She is being a freaking phsyco. She says I used to be so damned cute and she doesnt know what happened to me and how dissapointed she is in me. I think this is a new point in depression. The blade will cut deeper no matter how stupid even I thought it was to cut. Now its an obsession, a cry out for some help. A new friend maybe...a lighter soul. I dont know or really care. I went to ozzfest. best damned slayer show...Man even ozzy and slipknot were ok. Gotta love it. Im diggin this new eminem song...its like it was made from me. Its pretty bangin. Anyway, Im out.
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